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Driving offences include:

causing death by dangerous driving; 

dangerous driving;

causing death by careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs;

causing danger to other road users.

drink / drug driving

These offences are based on the actual standard of driving which is judged in absolute terms and takes no account of factors such as

inexperience,age or disability of the driver

and come under the headings

Dangerous Driving;

Driving without due care and attention;

Driving without reasonable consideration

for other road users

Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence

We are in a position to help you regain your licence

We can offer you the professional quality training you need before retaking your theory test and your extended practical test if needed

The theory test is the same test that all learners have to take, so you may have done one before.

The extended practical is a longer (up to 70 minutes) more intense test than the L test. You will be asked to drive on a wide variety of roads (not motorways) and asked to carry out a reversing exercise and are very likely to be asked to carry out a controlled stop (Emergency Stop) and you will have to drive independently by following road signs or a sat nav for part of the test

Notice will also be taken of your attitude to others while driving

If you are in this position pick up the phone and talk to us.

We will never judge you

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